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Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar Mounting Systems Factory

Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar Mounting Systems Factory

Super Solar also offers several different standing seam metal roof solar mount, to be used on different standing seam solar project. If you are not sure about what kind of standing seam roof clamp you need, you can share us the photo with measurement, and then our engineer will check for you.

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Solar Structure Rooftop Trapezoidal Support Solar Panel Mounting Metal Roof Clamps

Trapezoidal Roof Clamp E

This series of roof clamp is designed for the trapezoidal metal roof. The tapping screw fixed from the bevel side allows it has a good function of anti leak. For diverse measurement of roof sheet, and different panel array, we supply different size of clamp.

Trapezoidal Roof Clamp B

This series of roof mounting clamp is designed for the trapezoidal metal roof. It's a penetrating solution which is combined with roof clamp and rail, so we can fix the panel clamps and lay the panels directly on it. For diverse measurement of roof sheet, and different panel array, we supply different size of clamps.

Trapezoidal Roof Clamp SUS304

This series of roof clamp is made of stainless steel SUS304. It has various type to match different trapezoi-

The zone without snow: to be fixed with H rail

The snow zone: to be fixed with L kit and G raildal roof sheet.

It's similar to the aluminum ones. With tapping screw and EPDM pad, it's very simple to install.

Installtation site

Pitched roof

Main material
AL6005-T5 & SUS304
Tilt angle
Flushed to roof
Building height
Below 20m
Max wind load
Up to 42m/s
Service life
More than 25 years
Max snow load
Up to 0.5kN/m2
12 years

Features & Benefits

1. Considerate design, good compatibility

2. Module design, easy installation

3. Aluminium alloy and stainless steel, long service life

4. Various kit designs, fit with all kinds of roofs

System Overview

Free Project Evaluation

We can help you with new project design support.

Take advantage of SUPERSOLAR 20-year technology experience and let us perform a free evaluation for your project. Our recommendations will deliver a structurally-sound, cost-effective solution based on two-decades of construction experience and testing data.

How to Start Your Project

SUPERSOLAR Mounting System Development and Fulfillment Services:

◆ Site layout and coverage configuration.
◆ Architectural design and structural engineering.
◆ PV panel analysis - layout, alignment, orientation and optimization.
◆ Project quoting and presentation.
◆ High resolution digital project preview (illustrations, 3D site fly over).
◆ Aluminium / Steel structure manufacture and delivery.

◆ Pre-assembled, reduce the labor cost ,save installation time on site

◆ Optional PV Panel mounting.


Q: Do you support OEM service?
A: Yes just tell me your demand ,and our factory will work it out for you

Q: I have a roofing project that needs trapezoidal support as a solution, any suggestions?
A: Please tell me the size and arrangement of the solar panels, if there is no arrangement,
please tell me the size of the roof, we will design it for you after receiving the information

Q:What is the lead time?
A:For OEM service need 14-21 working days;for roof project 10-14days

Q:What is the payment terms ?
A:30%deposit, 70%balance before shipment T/T LC and other payment methods are available

Q:What about the warranty?
A:The warranty period is 12 years


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Leave A Message

Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.