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OEM Ground Screws Piles for Solar Mounting Factory

OEM Ground Screws Piles for Solar Mounting Factory

Super Solar offers different choices of ground screws piles for solar mounting. With ground screw foundations, you can complete your ground solar system in a shorter time. And the solar screw piles can not only be used in solar pv projects, but also in the fence or smaller buildings.

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Customized Galvanized Steel Earth Ground Screw Piles for Solar Mounting System

Products Description

What kind of ground screws we supply?
After devoting ourselves to finding the requirements of our customers for many years,
we mainly supply three kinds of ground screws as follow: (custom sizes and shapes are also available.)

Type A
Type A is a kind of ground screw without flange plate and U-shaped post support so that it can be fixed only by bolts. The simple structure makes it affordable and easy to adjust and install. It is mainly used in solar power base support, farm fence and traffic signs, etc.
Type B
This kind of ground screw features its flange plate, which joints with the pipe tightly for easy connection with the post. The holes on flange plate also helps to make sure the ground screw grabbing the earth firmly by bolts. It plays an important role in timber construction, docking station, etc.

Type C
Different from other ground screws, this one has a U-shaped base support, which makes it much easy, convenient, and firmly connected to the fencing post. Easy to operate and install Widely used in farm and garden fences.



Diameter of flange Ø200mm
Surface treatment
Hot dip galvanization
Thickness of flange
8mm, 12mm
Outside diameter Ø76mm
Thickness of pipe 3mm, 3.5mm
Iron pallet
Normal standard ≥80μm , Acidic soil standard ≥100μm
Length 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm or more
Solar mounts, fences, carports, houses, patios, garden sheds, lamp posts, etc.

Adjustable Ground Screw

- Consists of two parts, the screw and the flange pipe.

- Adjustable range of screw length is from 300mm to 600mm, depending on the length of flange pipe.

Features & Benefits

1.Grasp the earth more firmly
2.Strong and durable
3.Cost effectively
4.Saving time: no digging and no concrete
5.Easy and fast to install
6.Long life time
7.Environment friendly: no damage to surrounding area
8.Reusable: fast and inexpensive to relocate
9.Corrosion resistant, etc.


Our ground screw technology is the professional’s choice for solar power projects, construction and the consumer/residential market.

Free Project Evaluation

We can help you with new project design support.

Take advantage of SUPERSOLAR 20-year technology experience and let us perform a free evaluation for your project.

Our recommendations will deliver a structurally-sound, cost-effective solution based on two-decades of construction experience and testing data.

Installation Guide

How to Start Your Project

SUPERSOLAR Mounting System Development and Fulfillment Services:

◆ Site layout and coverage configuration.
◆ Architectural design and structural engineering.
◆ PV panel analysis - layout, alignment, orientation and optimization.
◆ Project quoting and presentation.
◆ High resolution digital project preview (illustrations, 3D site fly over).
◆ Aluminium / Steel structure manufacture and delivery.

◆ Pre-assembled, reduce the labor cost ,save installation time on site

◆ Optional PV Panel mounting.


Q: Do you support OEM service?
A: Yes just tell me your demand ,and our factory will work it out for you

Q: I have a ground project that needs ground screw as a solution, any suggestions?
A: Please tell me the size and arrangement of the solar panels, if there is no arrangement,
please tell me the size
, we will design it for you after receiving the information

Q:What is the lead time?
A:For OEM service need 14-21 working days;for roof project 10-14days

Q:What is the payment terms ?
A:30%deposit, 70%balance before shipment T/T LC and other payment methods are available

Q:What about the warranty?
A:The warranty period is 12 years


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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.